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XO and Sugar Resources

This page is meant to be a collection point for resources that are about the XO laptop and Sugar Operating System.  Maybe they will each need their own page some day, but the XO always uses Sugar, and Sugar is only occasionally used independently of the XO (although that might change).

XO in the Classroom: a rich and extensive guide to really specific ways an XO can be used in elementary schools.

The Educators Page on the XO wiki has tremendous materials: educational theory, creating a storybook in Etoys, etc.


XO Dis/Assembly Resources

Sugar Resources and Activities

    A long interview with Walter Bender, lead software engineer or designer or whatever of Sugar OS and founder of Sugar Labs.

    Sugar Labs videos.

    Screencast: a new activity (June 2011) that could be helpful.

    Shapes: a “battleship” type game.

Turtle Blocks

Probably almost everything we need to know about Turtle Blocks and Turtle Art can be found on the Sugar Wiki.

Turtle Blocks Portfolio Basics Video

So you want to learn Python?

Python is the programming language, i.e. the architecture, that constructs the interface that is Sugar. Sugar is an opensource project and some of the more advanced activities involve tinkering around with Python. Here are some more adult-learner vs.young-learner resources to get your feet a little wet:


2 comments on “XO and Sugar Resources

  1. Brian M. Slator
    October 25, 2010

    The first thing we plan to do with the XO when it arrives is install a copy of our Dollar Bay client and attempt to connect with the current game server.
    This might work in the straightforward manner, but more likely we will be ‘jar-ing’ up a version of the client and installing it on a USB thumb drive, then launching the application from there.
    Depending on how well that works, we will be revising the client to ‘fit’ on the XO in whatever ways are needed, and then rolling out a beta for testing at Madison school (all these specifics have yet to be worked out).
    We are hoping to get an XO to begin work as soon as possible.

  2. Rob
    October 25, 2010

    It’ll be interesting to see this work. I can imagine a lot of various educational applications exist written in Java; using Dollar Bay as a prototype application and then documenting what steps a developer would need to accomplish this could really open a lot of doors for application developers.

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