Sugar Labs @ NDSU

Building a smarter computing culture in Fargo, ND

NDSU SoaS iso

This page is a collection of materials and resources to begin developing the NDSU localized SoaS image.

Developer Resources

Potential Sugar Activities for Localized Sugar iso
The current version of Sugar that is available for download, soas-3-mirabelle, has the following activities already installed:

  • Browse
  • Etoys
  • Chat
  • Terminal
  • Turtle Art
  • IRC
  • Log
  • Write
  • Record
  • Physics

We need to dicuss what activities, if any, we will remove from our image. The following list provides some potential activities to include/revise for our own NDSU/Sugar iso:

  • Writing/Composition: Newspaper (by Seeta)
  • Math: Arithmetic, Abacus
  • Geography: I Know America
  • Computer Skills: Typing Turtle
  • Programming: Scratch
  • Other: Sugar Commander (organizer for the Journal)
  • Desired: ebook reader that supports typical ebook file formats
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