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OLPC School Server

IMG_2327Silar’s orphanage in Port Au Prince, Haiti, usually has power once a day, often in the time between 12pm to 6 or 7am. In this context, it seemed necessary to have some sort of battery system, for the server, and for charging the 20 XO laptops in the middle of the day. So AC power issues turned out to be a gating issue during this trip to Haiti, just as it was last time I was here.

Adam and I had a budget of about $500 to buy batteries, inverter, and battery charger. We had to find out what was available in the local stores. It turned out that the total cost turned out to be closer to $600.

The inverter shown below was mounted on the left hand wall, but in not shown well in the picture of the batteries.


The electrical wiring for Silar’s orphanage, worked, but didn’t…

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