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Coursera: Python and Model Thinking!


Coursera has a number of computer science classes including an interactive approach to Python.  I’ve also got to give a shout out to Scott Page’s course on Model Thinking: fascinating work by a really nice guy.  Page’s work could help us explain the obvious to the doubters: bonafide global education will be a really good thing for the planet.

CodeAcademy is also offering Python lessons now.  Can Sugar / OLPC pull any new Python masters into the fold, or will the CodeAcademy graduates continue to work on hangman and poker?


3 comments on “Coursera: Python and Model Thinking!

  1. SC Spaeth
    August 10, 2012

    I agree with your idea to recruit new contributors to projects. But I’d encourage people to consider edX rather than Coursera. edX’s free, open, and open source framework is more consistent with the goals of Sugar and OLPC than Coursera’s proprietary model.

    Faculty who initially chose Coursera are switching to edX:
    “Frequently Asked Questions
    How will this course be different from the SaaS course offered on Coursera in Feb/May/July 2012?
    There will be several improvements: ”

    • kab13
      August 10, 2012

      edX doesn’t seem to have many courses to offer at this point in time. No python.

  2. scspaeth
    August 10, 2012

    Python in edX CS6.00x
    While the text-based overview does not specify the language used in the 6.00x course, the video overview makes it clear that they use Python for the programming part of the course.

    But in the long-run, edX\’s commitment to an open-platform and research to learn how to improve both hybrid and online learning and the communities of users that participate in it will make it more valuable to open projects like Sugar.

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