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Example Lessons | XO Australia Manual

Example Lessons | XO Australia Manual.

One of the best collections of lesson plans I have seen, but still limited (10 examples) and doesn’t incorporate some of the more complex activities we have been trying to use: Turtle Blocks /Art (got one mention), Etoys, Physics.  That said, the lessons look great and we have a lot to learn from theme.

These lessons also assume the XO, but we use SoaS.  Record is a popular program in these lesson plans, but when we use SoaS on desktops, no camera for Record. We had some luck, but not fail proof, using Record with netbooks equipped with cameras.


2 comments on “Example Lessons | XO Australia Manual

  1. Tracy
    May 9, 2012

    Thanks for the reference!
    If you are after more lessons, our teachers who work through the online training course are submitting lesson ideas into a database that (for the moment) can be found here:

    • kab13
      May 10, 2012

      Thanks Tracy! We have our fourteen week curriculum (after school, 1 hour a week) posted on this site if it is of use to you. The OLPC / Sugar community would benefit from a single portal or resources, but it looks like your site should be the first stop for teachers.

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