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Win One | Give One | Any Kid Can Help

Win One | Give One | Any Kid Can Help.

I bought a box of fruit snacks for my kids without looking at the box too closely (bad dad). When I got it home, the kids got excited, not b/c of the snack but because of the XO on the front and the South African boy with his on the back.

We have now entered the contest but didn’t win the “shuffle” round which would enter us; we are invited to play everyday until July 31.  What’s going on here, procedurists? Marketing majors?

We haven’t explore the site yet; I suppose that is part of the pull.  Definitely interested in learning about the Rwandan deployments featured.


One comment on “Win One | Give One | Any Kid Can Help

  1. Chris Lindgren
    January 30, 2012

    Not entirely sure, but I found this blog post about the contest on the General Mills blog.

    Based on the blog, it seems like General Mills has been working with OLPC for about three years and sent about 2600 laptops overseas to support existing deployments. To me, it just seems like a typical nonprofit/corporate relationship, where it seemed to make sense that a kids snack division work with a kids nonprofit initiative, i.e. the ole, “hey, we’re a nice corp!” maneuver.

    Not too many answers in the post, but I think you, KB, would find the comment after the post interesting to analyze in your EC class. These public platforms can become a company’s worst nightmare if not managed properly. 🙂

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