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Sugar Labs@NDSU Meeting Notes :: 01.13.2012

Regular Meeting Time

Will 11am on Thursdays work?
Yes: Kevin, Chris, Jade, and David
Not sure: Matt and Emily

Tech Team – Spring Curriculum Planning

3 Week Physics Challenge — Build a “Mouse Trap” machine (starts on 01/24)
3 Week Etoys Challenge — TBD

Physics Challenge

Students will challenged to create their own machine that moves an object from point A to point B. It will be framed as the Sugar Superhero Camp, where they must demonstrate their cleverness, so they can move onto the next level of Etoys.

Tech Teamers will be “scored” by the number of pieces/components and the level of complexity of the system of processes. Of course, it must also work. And, perhaps, it should also contain a mix of self-sufficient procedures vs. interactive procedures?

After completing this unit, we will provide the materials on our blog, as well as share it on the “Physics” wiki site. We will also be sure to take video of our work and the work of the students to share with the community.

The hope is to also scaffold in moments to help students understand the type of procedures that they are constructing. The hope is to start thinking procedurally, then taking that line of thinking into Etoys with more script-based activities.

Sugar Team Duties

1. Look for similar examples — David
2. Make one — Chris, David, Jade?, Matt?
3. Look for instructions — Chris
4. Notify Emily about the instructions


Will contain the following:
>>Framed as Sugar Superhero Camp to demonstrate their cleverness, so they can move onto the next level of Etoys.
>>Screenshot of finished product: think Mouse Trap (to come)
>>Screenshot and explanation of different tools (


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