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Sugar Team: Somehow help the development of the XO Manual

The OLPCSF Summit is this weekend, and they are starting to “refresh” the Help Activity manual and I’m wondering how we might get involved.

Sugar FLOSS ManualAfter reviewing this wiki page, I came across some Sugar Help resources, some of which I knew about, and others not. I knew about the FLOSS Manual, but I always forget it’s there. It seems like a great start as a resource for teachers, but I question how viable it is for kids in our age group. Perhaps, our Syllabus could become the stepping stones into the Sugar environment via a more exploratory way, rather than the typical American use of Help Documentation, which is hinged on the 404 error moment, i.e., “What’s this?! Now what do I do!”. We’re taking a proactive approach by simply calling it a Syllabus, I suppose. Yet, maybe we can come up with a better title for its use as a kids resource?

XO Help Sugar ActivityThe help documentation that I didn’t know about was the XO Help activity that I wish we would have known about before making our Sugar image. I think we could still have Davin plug it into the image, since we’ve only distributed sticks out to the Tech Team. I think I’ll download it soon and conduct a little usability, considering how it may be used by kids at Madison.


3 comments on “Sugar Team: Somehow help the development of the XO Manual

  1. phusaza
    October 22, 2011

    What do you mean Sugar image?

    • Chris Lindgren
      October 22, 2011

      There, I am talking about our localized Sugar on a Stick for Sugar Labs@NDSU.

      On a different note, have you received anything from Darren?

      • phusaza
        October 23, 2011

        No! I haven’t. So today while I’m drafting the cartoons, I’ll throw some together.

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