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SoaS in Virtual Box Update

Davin delivered 25 small SoaS sticks (for machines with under a Gig Ram like mine) and 15 big (for machines with 2GB or larger RAM), both running SoaS through a Virtual Box. I’m running Surf off my small stick right now, and while I liked the plug and play, Sugar loaded very, very slowly. Surf seemed to fail the first time I launched it, but it loaded the second time.  Acceptable, but not stellar performance.

We also loaded up the NDSU image of Sugar with 20 some activities; the circle did not fully display upon start up.  Mainly lost activity icons on the bottom portion of the circle.

Davin will be making some straight-up SoaS for us, and we will test all three. He mentioned a basic CS principle: easier to use, less power.  So, the straight-up stick should be the highest performing, but potentially the hardest to access and get started.

Davin also mentioned that getting the SoaS in a VB image (all packaged in a folder) allowed it to be copied–quick and easy.  Each SoaS has to be made from scratch. More time consuming; not so user friendly when it comes to making 500 sticks.



One comment on “SoaS in Virtual Box Update

  1. phusaza
    October 15, 2011

    I took a SoaS VB home and tried it on my HP G62 laptop. It was slow… but I am a child of the 21st Century and thus have no patience. I tried a few things like closing as many things in my “other” Windows 7 bit to make it faster and that helped… I think. I think it needs to go fasters in order to work for 21st Century kids. And I found launching it from a Virtual Box a bit… odd? Definitely “looked” scary but I figured it out in a few seconds how to open the whole thing. So user-friendly wise, it’s intimidating looking but dead easy. 🙂

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