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Keyboard Freeze Fixed! Battery needed to be fully charged…

Success! I finally debricked an XO, and finally fixed the keyboard freeze. Thanks to Nate from the Michigan Lending Library, he realized that it may not have been working due to a lack of a fully-charged battery. He was correct.

After learning this fact with a successful attempt with a charged battery, I looked back on the wiki page, and this information was buried in the “How It Works” section. I went back and revised the OLPC wiki page, according to my experience.

Here’s a breakdown of my revision on the wiki (revisions in bold):

Upgrade Firmware

Once you have prepared the USB drive above, be sure that you have a fully-charged battery; otherwise the XO will not complete the upgrade process. After you have verified that the battery is charged, you must:

  • make sure the XO battery is in place and locked,
  • make sure the XO power cord and adapter are plugged in, the battery indicator must be on,
  • insert the USB drive into the XO, and
  • turn on the XO.

Do not interfere at this point, but watch. The upgrade process will begin with several messages displayed. On the screen, you should see a red battery symbol, while the messages are being displayed. Then, the XO will automatically restart. Wait for the XO to restart, then:

  • turn off the XO,
  • remove the power cord,
  • remove the battery,
  • wait a few seconds (with all power disconnected),
  • remove the USB drive,
  • insert the battery,
  • plug the power cord back in, and
  • start the XO.

You should test that the XO now works normally. If it did not work, try the Troubleshooting methods. We recommend pressing the “X” game button method first.


Check the wiki site for the revision.


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