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Emily’s De-Brick XO Fail

Today I took an XO home and tried to de-brick it using the video that Chris Lindgren posted on the Sugar Labs @ NDSU site.  Then I decided to take four more screws off (after the video stopped) and realised the back came off and then I found the J1 port thingie (not its technical name).  I looked at it for a while just to sort of figure out what it all meant in some sort of way.

Oh and I took photos along the way so you can see what I did.  Or didn’t do.  But I don’t know how to upload that to WordPress all together yet.

Then I got it hooked up (that is a really small delicate port by the way) and… nothing happened really.  I don’t know what to do next!  So I fiddled around for a bit and tried to search “debricking an XO” online and just came up with some Python code.  I stared at that for a while and put it all back together again.  And I’m really good at this now so if we need anyone with little hands and delicate nails to do the fun taking apart bit, I can help.



P.S.  Why is my site pink?


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2 comments on “Emily’s De-Brick XO Fail

  1. ncarol
    October 6, 2011

    The site has step by step instructions and link to Anna’s video showing disassembly. Instructions for using XO or PC as communication terminal. If you need a loan of the adapter see .

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