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Team meeting notes, Sept. 29

The Sugar Labs @ NDSU team has grown from Kevin and Chris to include David Lemke, Emily Bartz, Jade Sandbulte, Matt Warner, and Darren Zufelt.  Kevin, David, Emily, Jade, and Matt met this morning to initiate a Sugar Sprint; we will be heading to Madison starting Oct. 11th.  Here is what we did.

1. We reviewed the curriculum / syllabus draft and moved it from Google Docs (strangely unreliable) to here, our home site.  Still a draft, but we don’t mind showing our work.  All team members are invited to work on the curriculum planning.

2. Jade is going to look for or make a one page visual guide to the Sugar interface.

3. David is going to write up basic start-up instructions that can be taken home.

4. Matt is going to look in to the “Backup” activity and see what it would take to back up the kids USBs on an external hard drive or server.

5. Kevin offered up a basic template for each class:

  • 1 facilitator, 1 person on camera, extras welcome (Kevin, Chris, and Matt are likely to do the visits in the fall). We will hand out SoaS at the first meeting, and ask kids to try and work from the stick at home and school, but we will have back-up sticks available for days when they get left at home (or lost).
  • introduce an activity / assignment (5 minutes).
  • students work (30-40 minutes).
  • students reflect in Write (5-10 minutes).
  • homework activity assigned (5 minutes) — we need to send home written directions.  This piece will be important; we might need to offer badges / incentives for doing homework.
  • play / introduce games if time permits.
Post session, the video file needs to be uploaded to HyperResearch or Hyper Transcribe; field notes need to be written and sent to Kevin for upload into HyperResearch.
We will meet again next Thursday, October 6, 9:30 am.

2 comments on “Team meeting notes, Sept. 29

  1. phusaza
    September 30, 2011

    I tried to debrick an XO today. Fail. 😦

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