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Debricking: Setting up part II

Okay, Sugar Team, here’s your new mission.

David wants to give it a go on Thursday, so if you’re interested in joining him for an alternative method to debrick an XO, please contact him to set up a time. I cannot attend this week, but here is a link to the instructions on the OLPC wiki. It was also suggested by the many great folks at OLPC, who had a great discussion about our issue, to use the Windows Hyperterminal.

Also, for the disassembly of the XO to get to the J1 port, check out this vid:

Thanks to all of you developers out there for helping us through this, and sorry that I could not chime in more often in the discussion, but I’ve had a lot of writing and other prep work to conduct lately.

Once we get a successful run, we will then conduct a debricking party to conduct some usability, collect media, and write some documentation.


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