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Grand Challenges | Digital Promise

Grand Challenges | Digital Promise.

The Digital Promise initiative is something Sugar /XO people should participate in. Articulate our vision, seek support and collaboration.  Unclear if the “grand challenge winner” is going to get funded (presumably), but even without funding, the exchange of ideas is worth considering.

When I get around to posting, I think I will post about the focused role that Sugar and OLPC could play with a key demographic: the 80,000 refugees the US resettles every year. Senator Richard Lugar’s Office issued a report in 2009: Abandoned Upon Arrival. Most communities are not prepared to handle the influx of refugee families and children.  I’d like to see One Laptop Per Family, probably the open Source learning suite, appropriate support (tutors / sponsors), connectivity made available. And this demographic needs free, open source English learning software: an open Rosetta Stone or similar approach.


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This entry was posted on September 20, 2011 by in funding, OLPC, Sugar.


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