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Expanding the team

I haven’t had much time for the project lately, but Chris has been promoting our work with other graduate students in our MA and PhD Program, and he has pulled together a meeting for tomorrow morning.  That means we need to think about ways a larger team (maybe as many as 5 new team members?) can be put to use.

  1. Our after school program at Madison would often benefit from having an additional support person / observer. All participants will need to complete IRB training and be added to our protocol.
  2. A team of seven or eight could expand our program to another local school (two teams of four). Longer term goal; likely next year once we solidify some things at Madison.
  3. We always need help with curriculum development, and that is something our graduate students are pretty good at. Aligning Sugar Activities and lesson plans to the Common Core standards could be of national use / service.
  4. Most activities seem like they need better documentation.  We discovered, late in the game, that Turtle Blocks are pretty well supported, but what about the Tam Tam Suite? I suppose the first thing we need to do is get our team looking for and finding resources that already exist.

What would the expanded team get from participating with us? That is partly up to them to decide, but ideally it will give them some summer funding if we can follow-up our initial small grant with another grant; it might give them a research assistantship to balance out their teaching assistantship, it might give them some research skills that they could carry in to other contexts. Chris isn’t drawing a lot of data from our project, but he is using his work to think through issues like the relationship between writing text and writing code, the viability of a term like “proceduracy,” etc..


One comment on “Expanding the team

  1. cjl
    September 10, 2011

    Some TamTam materials can be found linked here:

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