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Quick Project Update

Last week, our project officially became a “Local Lab” under the umbrella of Sugar Labs. We’re excited to work closely with the Sugar community, and are already trying to help out with some bigger projects.

I’m (Chris) not sure if we’ve mentioned it here, but we’ve brought on a person from NDSU’s Computer Science dept., Davin Loegering. Davin’s already been very productive, making some significant progress on the community problem of running Sugar on a virtual machine. He apparently has a working portable virtual box running with flash drives and SoaS (Sugar on a Stick). The next step is to write down the procedure to do so, and share it with the Sugar community.

I’m currently working on drafting a 12 week Sugar activity lesson plan tailored for after school programs, such as something like our Tech Team. When it gets polished up, I’ll post it on our site for download.

Kevin is meeting with with the another Computer Science student, Adam Helsene, as well as John Tierney, and some other folks from Sugar about creating an OpenQwaq server for the Sugar community to utilize as an online meeting space.

Lots to do yet, so I better get back to it…


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