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Thinking Sugar Events…

While browsing through the Sugar Labs site today, I found a few potential activities to consider for our Sugar image and Sugar events at Madison Elementary.

Sugar Activity | Arithmetic

Sugar Activity | Arithmetic

The first is Arithmetic.

It seems simple and built for a cool competition in math skills. There are varying levels of difficulty, working with addition, subtraction, multiplication or division. We could have a tournament with tables of 3-5 students at a time competing against each other to move onto the next round.

Sugar Activity :: I Know America

Sugar Activity :: I Know America

The second is I Know America. Don’t let the title fool you. It is a good simple game that quizzes learners on numerous countries, their states, capitals, and waterways. There are some bugs, as the hints that the boy provides when you answer incorrectly are not too helpful, but this could be a great game for us to localize for the Madison deployment, and to even some how revise it to tally results and have a shared option such as the Arithmetic activity.
More to come…


2 comments on “Thinking Sugar Events…

  1. Pato Acevedo
    August 6, 2011

    Hi. Do you reported bugs in Conozco America? Feedback is very important for developers…

    • kab13
      August 8, 2011

      I don’t know if Chris or I have bugs to report, but we did have observation about game play.

      1. I tested “North America” and was surprised to get asked about very obscure communities like Hay River NWT and Goose Bay, Labrador. Luckily, I was raised in Canada and know where these places are; Chris the American had no idea. As game play for children and adults goes, however, these questions were very difficult. Could the game be programmed with “levels” so that Level 1 asks for Canadian cities like Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, etc., and eventually progresses to level 10: Goose Bay and Hay River.

      2. If I hadn’t known, I would have been finished quickly. Two wrong answers and the game is over seems like it might discourage players. I did love the directional hint that came with the first wrong answer.

      3. I’d love to see more geographical information connected to a question, rather than straight up “where is X.” So for a city like Winnipeg, which I was also asked to guess the location of, I could imagine something like “This early settlement in Canada’s west is located at the confluence of the Red River of the North and the Assiniboine River.” A correct answer could be followed by additional information, and/ or each location could include 3 clues.

      Now of course the latter would take a lot of time and expertise to develop, but if the game development were considered collaborative and constructivist in nature, maybe the kids in OLPC Canada could work on Canadian questions, kinds in our Fargo XO / Sugar Labs at NDSU project could work on some, if not all the US questions, and the various South American deployments could work on SA questions.

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