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OLPC Community Link to FargoXO – Sugar Project

Fargo-Sugar Project on OLPC Website

Our project has been linked with the OLPC Community.

I submitted our site to the OLPC community, and we’ve been officially linked with them. Perhaps, this is an insignificant link, but I’d like to think it represents just a small step toward the larger vision of this project to establish global connections between our refugee community here in the Fargo area with that of those in their country of origin.

But, in the meantime, we plan on taking some smaller steps toward that greater vision. We just put together a Summer 2011- Spring 2012 Project Plan that can be found on our Project Docs page. Much to do and I’m sure much will change along the way, but it feels good to see it.

I think I will personally start to develop some of the basic how-to materials for the Sugar deployment, such as just some “Basic Instructions” and a “How to Boot” document. I’ll also start considering how to get publishers onboard with our epub library within our localized Sugar image, as well as figure out the best web platform for our _Smart Computing Culture_ project.

I really want to create a hub on the web for kids, their parents, and educators to come and discuss and show off their Sugar works (or should I say play?). I’m currently considering the use of a WordPress theme, and perhaps host it on our own server. I have been looking into Buddypress as a way to create a more interactive wiki portion to the site, but I’m going to keep on considering other options.

More to come…


2 comments on “OLPC Community Link to FargoXO – Sugar Project

  1. Aaron
    July 8, 2011


    I think the hub for people to share their creations is a great idea. It would be very helpful for people working on international deployment a well because it would show new users the international community they have joined.

    If you implement this, I suggest you put a focus on submitters location.

    Also, this suggests you have a good way to pull creations off the XO and make them available in some sort of browser supported format. I’m curious as to what you have in mind.

    Let me know,

    P.S. This response was written in Kenya on an XO.

  2. kab13
    July 8, 2011

    Thanks for your comment, Aaron. Your project in Kenya ( looks exciting–a good model for our longterm goal of supporting a deployment in Southern Sudan. Chris and I have a colleague coming to Kenya in the spring of 2012–he might want to come and visit the school. The Cradlepoint Wireless Connectivity case study ( is also very informative. Good luck with your work!

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