Sugar Labs @ NDSU

Building a smarter computing culture in Fargo, ND

Walter Bender’s TEDxKids@Brussels talk

I think we must have been channeling Bender when we wrote “Building a Smart Computing Culture in Fargo”–I think we hit on the same themes. My favorite connection: when Chris and I got the grant, I immediately said to him, “This is going to fail, you know?” and he agreed.  Bender ends his talk with “Fail better, fail better, fail better.”

Despite his chant, Bender succeeds on many levels. He has the coolest Sugar “desktop” I have seen, with the activities spiraling around the XO and then he demonstrates some very cool student projects and an interactive Turtle Art project that responds to sound.



The TEDxKids@Brussels has 15 videos, probably all worth checking out.


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This entry was posted on June 14, 2011 by in smartcomputing, Sugar, Turtle.


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