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Elaine Negroponte: “What OLPC never has understood…”

Elaine Negroponte: class in Cambodia

Elaine Negroponte at Cambodia Pride School

“What OLPC never has understood is that it is not the XO laptops that make the difference — it will always be how motivated the teachers are to use any computer. Problems such as these occur in the US as often.”

We, Kevin and I, have motioned away from an exploration of the OLPC into Sugar Labs, but this piece from the OLPC Newsletter is more confirmation of the same: that smart usage of tech in the classroom comes through teachers. Now, this isn’t to say learning doesn’t happen outside of the classroom, because it should. But, if the infrastructure isn’t in place to support teacher usage of technology, it will be as Elaine Negroponte saw in Cambodia: “… a lot of hands on learning but not computer learning usage.”

So, we’ll see what happens at Madison; especially with the new leadership coming into play. I hope that we can at least be a source of support for the teachers to build a culture of smart computing and computer usage in and out of the classroom.


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