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Too busy to post, lots of good things happening

The end of the university semester has been extremely busy, but lots of good things have happened with our project, and more good things are about to happen.

1. We received a $20,000 Community Project Grant from North Dakota State University. This grant will allow us to expand our pilot project at Madison Elementary (about 8 students) to the whole school: about 220 students, K-5.  I’ll post the proposal asap.

2. Our penultimate session at Madison on May 10 was fantastic. We just talked with the kids about how we might use Sugar K-5–we had just received news of the grant earlier in the day. They were articulate and helpful, and it was a wonderful assessment session as the kids showed off their knowledge of their education so far. We let them play for the last 10 minutes and they wouldn’t leave. We discovered that Turtle Typing is a fantastic activity.

3. Chris and I will be presenting at the annual Computers and Writing Conference May 21. John Tierney and Gerald Ardito will be joining us.  We will share some of our research and experience, as well as try to recruit more people to the cause.  I have posted my outline as a page (see to the right).


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This entry was posted on May 18, 2011 by in fieldnote, OLPC, Sugar.


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