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XO in a clinical settings

I teach a class called “Writing in the Health Professions,” and in that class, I introduce students to the Pub Med database.  While getting ready for class, I decided to search PubMed for OLPC and got a few returns, including this detailed description of how an XO might work in a clinic in order to access PubMed. The testers of the XO were clearly quite tech savvy, so any clinic would need some similarly skilled IT support, and they seemed to assume reliable Internet connectivity, which would not be the case in Duk Payuel, southern Sudan. But the Internet is there, as are other computers.  The question might become: if you have to choose a computer for a clinic in the developing world, is it going to be the XO?

I’d like to see some reviews of health software being written for the XO and Sugar.


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This entry was posted on March 29, 2011 by in OLPC, XO.


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