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Gee on Video Games; what carries over to Sugar?

We probably need to think through some of Gee’s work (summarized here) and its relevance for thinking about Sugar and its various activities.  My 5 year old (and I) continue to be drawn to Implode, which is a really well-designed game.  The easy puzzles are easy, but they keep getting harder than they train the user to look for single or paired blocks that need to be grouped.  The game has an undo button for users who realize they have made a mistake, and they have a re-do button for people like me who get to the end, realize they have made a mistake, but want to solve the puzzle again.  I had been wrestling with the “hard” puzzles, and let me tell you, they are hard.  But after spending 20 minutes or so helping my 5 year old learn the easy game, and then try out some medium games, I got better at playing hard when he finally went to bed and I got the XO to myself!

I suppose the skeptic will say, “when will you “implode” little digital blocks for a living?”, but I have to believe that a game like this is a great mental work out and would significantly improve my spatial reasoning skills.  I wonder if Implode is an app? I wonder if Sugar developers are making apps?


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