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“Sputnik moment” for CS Field? “White House Warns Against Supercomputer Arms Race With China.”

I don’t like the rhetoric here, and I agree with Saenz’s article that comparing the Cold War arms race to that of a technological race with China isn’t the best comparison. Yet, the PCAST report includes a few statistics that may prove to be relevant to the importance of Computer Sciences in education. If we use these tools everyday for communicating, creating, learning, etc. and the job market looks very promising in this area, shouldn’t our educational system begin to start planning for some changes too?

Here are a few of the stats:

Also, if you watch the video of President Obama that Saenz posted (and I’ll repost here), then it sounds as though there may be some grant money available to schools who prove they can meet the needs of these future jobs (around 20:50 in the video).


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