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Madison-Etoys Update

So, Kevin and I have been observing the tech team at Madison for six days now. They have all started to become a little more acquainted with the interface and are beginning to understand how the screen is essentially a project, and how the Paint program is a way to create objects to then later program.

They are also learning the terms such as halos and handles, and have begun to play around with movement of the objects via the visual programming. (sorry, if my terminology isn’t up to par.) =)

Personally, I have also played around quite a bit and I have “hit a wall” with my project: a tree with leaves that fall to the ground

At this point, they have played around with movement and some other programming features, and now want to make their objects do exactly want they want to do, which has elicited a host of questions of “How do I make it do that?”

To be honest, we don’t fully know, but this is also where it will get really interesting to observe (beyond just how interesting it has been thus far!).


2 comments on “Madison-Etoys Update

  1. Mr. Steve
    November 28, 2010

    The squeaklannd email list is a great way to get questions answered.
    Register here and send us an email.

  2. Mr. Steve
    November 28, 2010

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