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Using E-toys: Kid vs. Adult

As I’ve been working on my book within Etoys, I’ve also been watching and reading whatever I can on scripting within Etoys. Throughout the process, I came across the two following videos. The first one is of a student who has created a tutorial of what seems to be a project that he is completing in school. (I’m wondering if it is a student from an XO deployment in Alabama.) The next one is of an adult who is working with Etoys, working with the scripts.

When you compare the two videos, you will notice how the young student seems to have mastered this Etoys application, adding scripts to his objects with ease, while the adult seems to be struggling, encountering roadblock after roadblock. Even though the young student probably has been using Etoys longer than the adult and seems to be prepared for this activity, I think the lesson learned here is all about attitude.

Young Student’s Tutorial Using Scripts in Etoys

Adult Using Scripts in Etoys


3 comments on “Using E-toys: Kid vs. Adult

  1. Steve Thomas
    November 1, 2010

    Having kids create “How To” videos is a great way for them to learn. As long as you are watching and reading whatever in case you haven’t found them yet, the Etoys Manual (which is currently in draft form can be found at and I also created some “Etoys Minutes” at which are quick tutorials on different aspects of Etoys and how to use them in learning.

  2. kab13
    November 1, 2010

    Thanks Steve. I have seen the manual, have not seen the Etoys Minutes.

  3. Chris Lindgren
    November 1, 2010

    Thanks, Steve! Very helpful info.

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