Sugar Labs @ NDSU

Building a smarter computing culture in Fargo, ND

Student Perspective

There are a number of facets to this project, and as we move closer to the project start I am confident our student technology team can make this successful.  I have been in a number of classrooms in which the students in the primary grades were participating in student technology team word study games on the Smart board.  They were provided grade level vocabulary which allowed them to develop something meaningful for primary classrooms.

With the support of NDSU, these students can experiment with electronic stories with the purpose of providing better resources to those who have less in their school.  Our Sudanese population at Madison has grown the past two years and the idea of adopting a school in Sudan will allow us to move from a diverse school to a global school.  The integration of our curriculum into a project/problem-based approach will help to motivate a student population that is a challenge to engage unless they see a purpose.  This project gives our kids a purpose that will help us to expand outside of our school walls and move from being served to the one who contributes.


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