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Watching and Learning about Sugar

I’ve been busy working on various school and professional activities this week, but throughout it all I’ve tried to learn more about Walter Bender and Sugar via some Youtube videos.

Here are some of Bender’s reoccurring themes:

Sugar provides…

  • activities versus applications
  • a Neighborhood versus the 1-on-1 platform
  • a focus on constructivism and programming
  • a consolidation of tools (things like or that look like wikis, journals, collaborative communication, etc.)
  • collaboration that’s only “one click away”, b/c collaboration in academia shouldn’t be considered “cheating”
  • “learning how to use a computer for learning”.

Overall, Bender’s optimism about the power of “debugging” as a way of learning and how “Windows doesn’t do that” really has me more excited to see what happens when we let the students take over. I hope it’s true!

In the meantime, back to writing about language and power structures while secretly (or notso secretly anymore) wishing I was playing around with Etoys. =)


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