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Rugrat-ible approach to technology

This Edutopia blog-post comes from a 3rd grade teacher: we do need to see what elementary teachers are doing with technology.  And lucky for us, this teacher more or less shares our vision: let the kids play around, mess around, don’t expect perfect products (very important for Sugar and E-toys), remember that you are encouraging the students to learn how to learn.  This blogger also recommends a tech specialist (we plan on a team); he says “watch out for the gamers” because they are not always as great with technology as they think they are.

Tools recommended include wikis, Tumblr, and Prezi. This list is informative: teachers look for and use web-based tools. Assumes connectivity, assumes the mainstream computing landscape is the one that students will also use.

I wonder if there are any posts about Sugar on Edutopia? Going to look now.


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This entry was posted on October 18, 2010 by in pedagogy.


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